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Banking & Finance

SJA Careers in Banking and Finance program is an adult education program
that teaches everything you need to know to get into the industry,
then gives your career a big push in the right direction with constant support and advice.
Examples of jobs for graduates include bank tellers, customer service representatives, and universal bankers.

We hire entrepreneurial bankers with experience at bulge bracket, middle market and boutique investment banks.
Our instructors are business owners who operate in the most entrepreneurial areas of finance.
Almost all of SJA’s instructors have MBA’s from the top business schools globally
plus an average tenure in the sector of 12 years.


Our Commercial Pilot License Training Program transforms a zero-hour aspiring pilot to an Airline First Officer in less than 18 Months’ time. The total duration of our Commercial Pilot Training course is 12-15 Months which includes approx. 8 months of FAA CPL training in USA followed by 3 Months of DGCA Ground Training in India to convert the FAA CPL to a DGCA CPL, followed by 42 days in Bahrain to complete the A320 Type Rating. Please note that the Indian Theoretical Classes of our Commercial Pilot Course in Mumbai & other centers will happen once the student is back from the USA.

The cabin crew & other aviation management jobs might take you into the clouds, but you need some down-to-earth skills to work as a successful cabin crew or aviation industry professional. Cabin crew are also known as flight attendants, air hostesses, and flight stewards who are primarily on board an aircraft for the safety and welfare of the passengers, and secondly for their comfort.
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